05 Dec

Pansy Girl & Doll Matching Aprons


Girl & Doll Matching Aprons: $20.00

Shipping: $4.00


Delicate gold accented pansies trail across the flared skirt of each apron. Both doll and girl aprons have pockets to hold a recipe card or other cooking apparatus.

The pocket decoration on the girl’s apron doubles as a hair clip if she wants to keep her hair out of her face while she’s cooking. Even your doll has a matching hair clip because nothing is worse than finding a piece of doll hair in your soup!

♥ The girl’s apron will fit sizes 10-12
♥ Doll apron will fit a size 18″ doll


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05 Dec

Little Girl & Doll Matching Green Froggy Aprons


Your little girl and her dolly’s cooking and cleaning skills will definitely improve just by wearing this cheery ruffled apron* :)

The little green jumping frogs, as well as other friendly green creatures on the aprons will brighten your kitchen and protect clothes from being splashed and spattered on.

The girl’s apron will fit sizes 3-6 and is 23 inches long with two 12 inch ties for around the neck. The width of the apron front is 16 inches with 17 inch ties on either side.

The length and width are adjustable with the neck and waist ties.

Miss Dolly’s apron will fit both 18″ and 15″ dolls…she won’t be wanting to miss out on her mommy’s chocolate chip cookies!

*this statement has not actually been tested out…please do not return apron if she still burns the cookies ;)


Froggy Aprons Matching Set: $25.00

Shipping: $5.00

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